Capturing Krista & Tom’s Magical Wedding Day in Porvoo

As the morning sun painted the sky in hues of soft pinks and blues, the enchanting tale began in the elegant confines of Hotel Runo, Krista and her bridesmaids prepared for the day ahead, each moment a cherished memory in the making. 

Krista and Tom shared a tender first look in the elegant lobby of the hotel, a moment of pure emotion frozen in time. Against the backdrop of Porvoo’s historic charm, we embarked on a journey to capture their love in timeless portraits. 

The grandeur of Porvoo’s cathedral provided a majestic setting for the couple’s ceremony, where vows were exchanged. Following the ceremony, a unique twist awaited as the newlyweds traded their wedding car for a romantic boat ride along the tranquil river, symbolizing the start of their voyage together.

Arriving at Danceholmen, the scene transformed into one of jubilant celebration as friends and family gathered to toast the newlyweds. Krista slipped into her second gown after cake cutting. 

And beneath the ethereal light of Finland’s white nights, I stole couple away to the pier once more, capturing the essence of their love in the timeless embrace of the night. 

Krista and Tom’s wedding day in Porvoo was nothing short of extraordinary—a fusion of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

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